"Dear Dulcan,

i just wanteD to write you this letter to thank you
for all your help these past few spins.
i know you tolD me many times i shoulDn't thank you,
but i really want you to know how much
i appreciate your company anD encouraging worDs.
anD i'm not really gooD at talking face to face,
so i thought this letter woulD be a gooD replacement.

seeing you work harD inspireD me to push my limits
anD try my harDest to improve my lifestyle
anD stop being so negative about everything.
i know i still have a lot of work to Do,
but i hope i can become someone you're prouD of calling your moirail.

ever since my last visit my outbursts have gone away,
turns out physical labor DiD help improve my conDition!!
i'll try to keep up the work at home.
i attacheD to this letter a few Drawings i DiD During my stay,
i hope you like them!
thank you for not giving up on me.